The X Factor 2011 – My Favourites (so far)


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For real, The X Factor UK 2011 is getting hotter and hotter thanks to a few of the finalists.

My favourites (listed in preference) are: Misha B, Janet Devlin, Sami Brookes, Marcus Collins, The Risk, and Craig Colton.

This weekend Misha B killed Rolling in the Deep!. To me, she’s the highlight of the show and she has to win.

Janet Devlin and her pretty hair and her amazing voice…she gives me goosebumps.  She’s destined for greatness!

Next is Sami Brookes who was phenomenal in her rendition of the song Free.

Marcus Collins, though he is one of my favs, gave a lukewarm performance, in my opinion.  I didn’t go ga-ga over his Moves Like Jagger.  But still, he got skills!!

Like Louis said, The Risk paid off!

Craig Colton will surely start collecting jars of hearts now! He makes me tear up every time he sings.

Later, I’m going to watch who got eliminated and the next best thing is to look forward to The X Factor US this coming Wednesday! Yay…

S.O.S – Sorry, Out of Sympathy


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I’m still tryna figure out what I should do next time I step into a doctor’s office.  Either at the hospital or at the local health centre.

I smile.  I say hello.  I explain my problem thoroughly.  I ask questions.  Not stupid questions.

And still I get the ‘glare’.

The glare that says: “Another stupid, clueless creature who doesn’t know anything!” *sighs*

I get talked down to.  As if I’m a 4-year-old.  As if my head’s filled with cotton.  As if I’m a waste of space on this planet.

And the sad thing is, it happens in Mauritius only – well, that’s my experience.  Unlike in the UK, where even the nurse talks to me as if I’m made of porcelain.

Are doctors (working) in Mauritius so jaded?

Bagatelle – Nothing Much To Tell


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Another mall bites the dust.  In my opinion at least.

There was nothing extraordinary to it, except its size maybe?

I wasn’t bowled over.

However, the only thing that fascinated me at Bagatelle, was the human statues! So cool!

The girl was so graceful that I kept staring at her and eventually, I asked her to strike a woman-holding-a-baby pose for me and she did it!!

She made my day! 🙂

Did you know defines “bagatelle” as “something of little value or importance; a trifle.”  Kinda figures, don’t ya think?

I prefer going to Caudan Waterfront, where I can go to Al Dente’s and sit and enjoy a hot plate of Beef Bolognese, to visiting Bagatelle and its offer of a lacklustre shopping spree!!

Not All Changes Are Bad


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I’ve certainly enjoyed many changes life has delivered on my doorstep.  Assuredly, many more changes are to come.  If changes don’t hurt me, they excite me.  My heart heartily pounds in either case.

Now, I’ve been off the blogging circle for a while.  My excuse – whenever I’m asked why I no longer put my business out there – is that I’ve lost the vibe.  Mojo, if you like.  The truth? Sheer, utter laziness. All that creative-juice-has-run-out crap was merely a pretext.

But I’m back.  Again.  For how long? Who knows? (I just shrugged.  The Jewish way.  I watch too many movies.  I just shrugged again.  Yep.  The Jewish way.)

Anyway, for an introductory post, I think that should be enough.  For now.  I’ll come back in another post.  Oh, and I, most of the times, complain a lot.  About everything.  I got a chip on both shoulders.  (Another Jewish shrug.)

Come back.  If not, go to hell. 😀