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I’ve certainly enjoyed many changes life has delivered on my doorstep.  Assuredly, many more changes are to come.  If changes don’t hurt me, they excite me.  My heart heartily pounds in either case.

Now, I’ve been off the blogging circle for a while.  My excuse – whenever I’m asked why I no longer put my business out there – is that I’ve lost the vibe.  Mojo, if you like.  The truth? Sheer, utter laziness. All that creative-juice-has-run-out crap was merely a pretext.

But I’m back.  Again.  For how long? Who knows? (I just shrugged.  The Jewish way.  I watch too many movies.  I just shrugged again.  Yep.  The Jewish way.)

Anyway, for an introductory post, I think that should be enough.  For now.  I’ll come back in another post.  Oh, and I, most of the times, complain a lot.  About everything.  I got a chip on both shoulders.  (Another Jewish shrug.)

Come back.  If not, go to hell. 😀