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Another mall bites the dust.  In my opinion at least.

There was nothing extraordinary to it, except its size maybe?

I wasn’t bowled over.

However, the only thing that fascinated me at Bagatelle, was the human statues! So cool!

The girl was so graceful that I kept staring at her and eventually, I asked her to strike a woman-holding-a-baby pose for me and she did it!!

She made my day! 🙂

Did you know Dictionary.com defines “bagatelle” as “something of little value or importance; a trifle.”  Kinda figures, don’t ya think?

I prefer going to Caudan Waterfront, where I can go to Al Dente’s and sit and enjoy a hot plate of Beef Bolognese, to visiting Bagatelle and its offer of a lacklustre shopping spree!!